3 Reasons to Update Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Changes in your Westerville, OH home or lifestyle over the last year could require an update in your policy to maintain the coverage you desire. By reviewing your policy with an agent from Associated Insurance Agencies, you won’t be caught unprepared when it’s time to make a claim. Here are a few reasons why you may need to update your coverage.

Home Renovations

If you made major improvements to your home in the last year, you’d need to update your policy to add them to your coverage. If your home improvements substantially raise the value of your property, you may need to increase your dwelling insurance to compensate for the rise in home value. This change also requires that you update your policy.  

Expensive Gifts

You may have received costly gifts during the holidays, such as elegant jewelry or high-end electronics that require insurance protection. Depending on the value of your goods, you may need to raise the limits of your property coverage or obtain an insurance rider to protect these items from theft or damage in an unforeseen disaster.   

Home Systems/Security Upgrades

Upgrades in your home’s electrical or plumbing system that reduce the risk of fire or water damage could qualify you for a discount on your home insurance. By updating your policy to reflect these upgrades, you could save money on your premium. In like manner, adding a new security system to your home could make you eligible for a home insurance discount as it reduces your risk of theft.

By discussing lifestyle or home changes with an agent from Associated Insurance Agencies in Westerville, OH, you can get a better idea if you need to update your homeowner’s insurance. Call or visit us today for all your home insurance needs.