Who needs Umbrella insurance

Umbrella insurance may be good for those in Westerville, OH, who need additional coverage beyond their standard policies. Here is a brief overview of some situations where umbrella insurance can be beneficial. Our Associated Insurance Agencies Inc. agents are available to provide more info or set up a policy.  

What is umbrella insurance?

The simplest way to think of Umbrella Insurance is a supplement to other types of coverage. It is useful for those who want more coverage beyond what their regular car, commercial, or homeowners insurance provides. 

Property owners who face various kinds of liability

Property owners and homeowners can potentially have to spend large amounts of money if there is damage or lawsuits. It is helpful for property owners to review their coverage and invest in an umbrella policy if they think that there will be any losses beyond what their regular property insurance covers. 

Car owners who want more coverage

Some people may have very valuable cars in Westerville, OH, and see them as an important investment. Other drivers may travel long distances and have an increased risk of a serious accident. These kinds of situations may warrant an umbrella insurance policy for an automobile. 

People who own their own business

Various kinds of liability can cause a business to take a significant financial hit. If the damages that must be paid out are large enough, this can also affect the owner’s personal finances. Business owners who want to make sure that their personal assets will not be affected by business losses may want to take out an umbrella policy. Associated Insurance Agencies Inc. has agents who can help assess business risk and discuss creating a policy.