Does my small business need business interruption insurance?

Nobody that has gone through a disaster expected it to happen. Unfortunately, the worst part of a disaster is usually being unprepared.

If your Neward or Westerville, OH business has the misfortune to go through something serious, whether caused by weather, bad luck, absenteeism from widespread illness, or deliberate actions, your business could be forced to close.

Closing Down to Deal with a Crisis

You know about other kinds of commercial insurance you need. For instance, you have commercial property insurance that will help you repair or rebuild after damage from a fire or storm.

But while you are getting your business back to normal, your bills are still coming in. You still have to pay utilities, mortgage, salaries, and many other expenses that need to be paid on time. What can you do to make up for the loss of income while your business is closed?

Business Interruption Insurance

At Associated Insurance Agencies, Inc., we offer other kinds of insurance that can help protect your livelihood. Business Interruption Insurance is meant to fill in during those gaps when you aren’t open to making money but you don’t want to destroy your credit or use all your savings just to stay afloat.

You still need to be able to pay for at least a few days before Business Interruption Insurance kicks in, but once it does, you will be eligible for funds to help your business recover from this temporary closure. Without the extra money, some businesses might take longer to get back on their feet, and some might never recover. 

If you live in Neward or Westerville, OH and want to see how Business Interruption Insurance can help you, or if you just have any general insurance questions, please feel free to call Associated Insurance Agencies, Inc. today.