When should you review your life insurance coverage?

Life insurance is not something that should stay the same forever. Your needs are less likely to be the same at 20 years old as at 40 or 60. Talking to your independent insurance agent can help you determine if you have the correct amount of life insurance. At Associated Insurance Agencies Inc. in Westerville, OH, our knowledgeable agents are here to help you with your coverage. 

When you buy a home

Purchasing a home may be the first adult thing that you do. This is the point when considering life insurance may first become a thought for you. Protecting your home in the event of your disappearance protects your loved ones from being stuck with your mortgage. 

When you change jobs

When you change employment, your life insurance won’t go with you. You may have the option to maintain the coverage, but the cost may not make it the right option. 

When you get married

When you get married, you need to review the beneficiaries of your life insurance policy. You may want to make your new spouse the beneficiary. 

When you have children

Having children changes everything. Your level of responsibility grows exponentially. You need to provide protection for twenty or more years and perhaps for multiple children. That requires serious thought. You want them to be able to grow up in the home they know and not have to suffer any further loss after losing a parent. 

When you retire

When you retire, your income may be less, and you may wonder if you still need life insurance. That depends on your personal financial situation. Talk to your insurance agent to get the correct information. 

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