4 Benefits of Purchasing Ohio Motorcycle Insurance

If you own a bike in Westerville, OH, you already know the importance of having insurance coverage. Besides protecting your investment, most states require you to carry motorcycle insurance before you get to the road. Otherwise, you may get hefty fines and risk losing your license. 

 But why would you want to be on the wrong side of the law, yet you can get your motorcycle insurance from Associated Insurance Agencies Inc? Just like the rest of your safety gears protect you on the road, insurance also comes in handy. Here are some benefits you can enjoy with a robust motorcycle insurance policy. 

Liability coverage

Motorcycle insurance covers you in case your bike causes injury to another person or damages their property. The policy pays for associated bills and costs for accidents you cause.

Compliance with law

Perhaps most people get motorcycle insurance because it’s a requirement by law. Even though you have the appropriate training and licensing to own a bike, you must have appropriate motorcycle insurance to ride on the road. Ohio requires riders to include bodily injury and property damage liability in their motorcycle insurance. 

It covers the cost of your injuries

Bikers are at high risk of bodily injuries because the bike has no walls or airbags. To that end, medical payments or personal injury protection (PIP) coverage is a must-have add-on to your motorcycle insurance if you don’t have health insurance.

Immediate help after an accident or a breakdown

Some policies will give you immediate roadside assistance in case of a breakdown or an accident. This includes towing your bike to the nearest skilled repair facility. Convenient? Right?

Owning a motorcycle comes with lots of benefits. The obvious one being cheap gas, not to mention the feeling of cruising down the lanes with a bike. Unfortunately, motorcycles are more dangerous to ride on than cars, so buying motorcycle insurance is non-negotiable.

Motorcycle insurance in Westerville, OH

If you would like to purchase motorcycle insurance, don’t look beyond Associated Insurance Agencies Inc. Contact us today for an affordable quote.