Why You May Need Umbrella Insurance

If you already have the insurance policies you need to protect your assets, you may think you don’t need any other insurance policies. However, an umbrella insurance policy works with the insurance you already have to protect you even better. You could still be underinsured against a severe event if you have home and auto policies. If you want to be better protected with an umbrella policy, call Associated Insurance Agencies Inc in Westerville, OH.

Coverage for Home and Auto

If you’re like most people who own a home and a vehicle, you know how important it is to keep them both insured. When you have both a home and auto policy, you may think you have plenty of liability insurance in case of an accident. However, the policy you have may have very little in the way of liability coverage. If this is true, then your insurance might not be able to cover all of the medical bills that you will owe after an accident. To remedy this, there is umbrella insurance. It has more liability insurance than either your home or auto policies, and it adds it right on to both of those policies.

Paying Overages

If there has been an accident that you are liable for, the first thing that happens is that the home or auto policy steps in to pay for the medical bills of the injured party. If there isn’t enough coverage to pay for all of them, that will leave an overage. If you don’t have umbrella insurance, you are liable for paying the overage. If you do have this insurance, the policy will pay that overage. 

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