Benefits of Getting Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance may seem like a general coverage designed to protect only expensive assets for Westerville, OH residents, while it is, in fact, one of the essential policies that protect you during your everyday life. To help you understand what you stand to gain from getting umbrella insurance, Associated Insurance Agencies Inc. outlines three benefits of this cover.

Protects Your Assets

When you cause an accident involving significant property damage or bodily injury to others, your underlying auto or home insurance limit could easily get exhausted, leaving you with huge expenses to take care of. This would likely mean letting go of some assets to cover the remaining damages, causing a substantial dent in your finances. Umbrella insurance, however, covers you against such occurrences, keeping your assets and income intact when your primary insurance can no longer protect you.

Provides Flexible Coverage Options

Unlike other policies, umbrella insurance allows you to scale up or down your needs based on your primary insurance options. If, for instance, your underlying policy does not cover options such as libel, false arrest, and liability claims for your rental units, umbrella insurance will take care of these claims. With this in mind, you get extra liability coverage under one cover, not just for yourself but also for other covered members of your family.

Protects You From Costly Lawsuits

Getting a lawsuit in today’s society is more common than you think, a factor that may be also be linked to their increased costs. If you own a business, are a public figure, or occasionally host parties within your Westerville, OH residence, these factors are likely to expose you to lawsuits. With umbrella insurance, you can protect yourself from any liability claims, ensuring you live your life without any fear.

Your insurance should cater to all aspects of your life without leaving any gaps that could crumble down when an emergency arises. To enjoy these benefits of umbrella insurance, consider reaching out to Associated Insurance Agencies Inc. today.