3 Ways to Prepare Your Car For an Ohio WInter

As the winter temperatures start to creep into Westerville, OH with the holidays, it is time to have your car prepared for an Ohio winter. Below are some tips we offer our clients at Associated Insurance Agencies, Inc. to get them prepared and keep them safe through the frigid temperatures. 

How are your windshield wipers?

Designed to keep your windshield clear of weather and debris, windshield wipers are essential for clearing ice, snow, and sleet out of the way. Give them a test and determine if they have enough padding on the wiper blade. If it is below half or scraping your windshield, visit your local service center to have a new set installed. For vehicles with rear wipers, check them, as well. 

How is your battery? 

While you are at the service center, have them inspect your battery life and determine if it is operating at full power. If it is operating less than 75 percent of its potential, go ahead and have it replaced. The cold weather in Ohio has the ability to weaken batteries substantially that is already gradually on the decline. 

Have your oil changed soon

Unless you had your oil changed in the last three months, it is a good preventative practice to go ahead and have the oil changed in your car. Having strong and fresh oil going into the winter will give your engine maximum performance and the ability to stand up to cold temperatures and a winter environment.

Have the auto insurance you need

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