Why You Might Need Commercial Insurance for a Home-Based Business

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Technological improvements have made it easier for people to start home-based businesses. However, this ease of entry can make owners think they can take shortcuts. Many believe it unnecessary to have commercial insurance, for example. Then, when calamity strikes, as it so often does, these entrepreneurs realize their mistake. Some even lose everything.

To better increase, the odds of your business succeeding, discuss the merits of commercial insurance with the helpful staff of Associated Insurance Agencies Inc., which serves the Westerville, OH region. But, first, keep reading to find out just why home-based businesses often need commercial insurance.

Clients or Employees in the Home

If your clients visit your home, then you really should have commercial insurance. Likewise, if you have others present working for you, be sure to get coverage. Without this protection, you could wind up paying out-of-pocket for harm to clients or employees.

You never know when someone might slip and fall. You never know when they might blame you for something stolen while on the premises. Without sufficient insurance, when something bad happens, you will have to handle all the costs of defending your reputation. If found liable, all the costs of damage done could fall upon you.

Errors and Omissions

Everyone makes mistakes. Professionals should have errors and omissions commercial insurance to ensure they have adequate protection when they fail to live up to recognized standards.

Never assume that you will always do the right thing. Even if you have done your best, a customer or the court may find your performance lacking.

Business Property

Running a business from home means you will have expensive equipment, from computers to fax machines, sitting around. This property can be damaged or stolen. Without insurance, you will have to replace it with money from your operating account, reducing profits. Commercial insurance could help in this regard.

Get Started Protecting Your Future

For more information, contact Associated Insurance Agencies Inc., serving the Westerville, OH region and beyond. The professional staff can help you find the optimal amount of commercial insurance for your particular home-based business. Get a free quote today.


What Affects Home Insurance Premiums?

What Affects my Home?

Several things can affect your home insurance premiums in Westerville, OH, and an agent at Associated Insurance Agencies, Inc. can help you make sure you are getting adequate coverage for your home.

  • Age of Home and Materials: As your home and roof age, the structure is more susceptible to damage. This causes the replacement costs to go up over time, which can increase your premium.
  • Trampolines and Pools: These and other attractive nuisances, as they are called, are fun things to have, but they can also cause premiums to increase. You are liable for injuries people have while using them, whether or not you permitted them to do so.
  • Certain Dogs: Certain dog breeds will raise premiums or make it even more challenging to get insurance. Dog bites can account for one-third of all insurance claims.
  • Previous Claims: If you have more claims made over time, then you are considered more of a risk, and it can lead to higher premiums. With too many claims, you run the risk of not having your policy renewed.
  • Home Security: A home security system can reduce your premium because it adds an extra layer of protection for the home and your belongings. Another thing that adds additional security is by replacing old locks with deadbolts.
  • Credit History: Insurance companies can use your credit history to determine your insurance score, which can affect your premium. Some of the items they look at include outstanding debt, credit history length, payment history, and credit mix.
  • Home Remodeling: Remodeling, whether it’s a bathroom or kitchen, is likely to raise the value of your home, which means this should be reflected in the policy. Materials and construction costs need to be taken into consideration, which could increase premiums.

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