What Motorcycle Insurance Does Ohio Require?

Motorcycle riders all over the United States are required to have some sort of insurance. Ohio is not an exception to that rule, especially with so many motorcycle riders in the state. When everybody on the road has insurance, more people are protected.

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Bodily Injury Coverage

In Ohio, all drivers are required to carry liability insurance that covers bodily injury. You must have coverage for $25,000 of damage in accidents that involve one person and $50,000 of damage for incidents involving multiple people.

Even though these are the requirements, it is often recommended that you consider increasing the value of your policy. This will mean your insurance policy may cover damage your bike causes to others, including medical bills.

Property Damage Coverage

Ohio motorcyclists must also carry $25,000 worth of coverage for property damage. Property damage liability coverage repairs damage to the property of others if you are held responsible for causing it.

Of course, you might want to increase your liability coverage beyond the minimum to ensure you are no personally responsible for property damage.

Recommendations for Motorcycle Coverage

Certain types of coverage, including collision insurance and equipment insurance, are not required by the state of Ohio. It is also a good idea to consider comprehensive insurance in case something happens to your bike when you are not riding it.

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